A midwest monster of the highest grade...

Im a dirty vamper. I love rocknroll, the blues, the Beatles and the Cramps. I go to school for massage therapy. Art is my crack, rock 'n' roll is my soul, lightining fills my fingers and onto you Oh, and I'm a total horror movie junkie. If I were a tree Id be the Boabab tree. The legends say why, There are numerous legends offering explanations of how the tree came to be stuffed in the ground upside down, so it could no longer complain. Some of the myths are:
The Bushmen believed that goings-on in the baobab so offended God that in his wrath he uprooted it and cast it back into the earth upside-down.
It is said that if you drink its delectable sap you will receive protection from the crafty crocodile; but do not pluck its flowers, for whoever does so will be torn apart by lions!

It is also claimed that on the day of creation, each animal was given a tree to plant and that the hyena planted the baobab upside-down and, as a result, it should never have grown. But grow it did, and today baobabs dot the Limpopo landscape, in Africa.

I love to make people feel good. I try to live life with good karma.