Pease take a moment to check out some of artist Bret Barrett's kinetc masterpieces. 

In his own words:

"Painting and drawing were my main passion when I began. Months before setting off to art school I smashed all of the bones in my drawing hand. A doctor thought at the time it was beyond repair. I was put into a position of thinking about my means of expression in a new way.

    In the television and movie age I felt paintings had to be insanely well done and thought provoking to capture an audience. Art production for me had to involve instantaneous viewable results as I worked.


When I was in school in my first sculpture classes, I felt encumbered by the painstaking, time intensive and expensive processes of traditional methods. I needed more immediacy of expression and discovered found objects to be an endless, readily available source of materials. My hand healed well enough to draw and paint again and I was equipped with a whole new vocabulary at my disposal.

    On my walks to and from classes, I came upon many discarded consumer appliances that I disassembled and re-purposed for paintings and sculpture. In the deconstruction of these items I found many of the motors still operational and began to think of motion in the realm of  other compositional tools. Electricity, movement and recycling became key themes in my work and continue to be base components of my art now.

The variety of his creations is immense.  Please check out his youtube channel to be further inspired.