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1. Dream destination & traveling companion(s) (alive, dead or fictional)?

I would love to go to Castle Cjethe where Countess Elizabeth Bathory killed over 300 virgins and bathed in their blood, my ideal travel companion? would have to be my stuffed dalmation, Patchy

2. Most unforgettable experience?

Getting to audition and perform for Elvira Mistress of the Dark

3. Music you can't live without?

Metal, particularly Slayer

4. Book recommendation?

The Satanic Bible- Anton Szandor LaVey

When Will Jesus Bring The Porkchops?- George Carlin

Lords of Chaos- Michael Moynihan and Didrik Sonderlind

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn- Mark Twain

5. Who or what inspires you and how does that come out in your art?

I have always been artistic, it's just something I was born with. People take their own ideas and feelings when looking at my art, watching me eat fire, listen to me play guitar or read a True Crime article that I've written. Everything I do, I do with passion, and what people can get from that is a chance to glimpse into someone's soul

6. Any words of wisdom?

Watch your step, cause there is always gonna be someone looking to fuck (or mess) with you

7. What are your favorite mediums and how do they speak to you?

I'd have to say that the written word is by far my favourite. I love to read, so the natural step was to write as well. The written word is sacred, books should be treated as such. I love to perform, mostly in the guitarist or fire eater sense. I am giving people a glimpse into my persona, and a chance to experience bloodlust.

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