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1. Dream destination & traveling companion(s) (alive, dead or fictional)?

My dream destination would probably be Japan. Or Brazil. I’ve always been fascinated with Japanese culture and traditions, and Brazil has amazing people and food. As for traveling companions, well, anyone alive would have to be one of those random things. I would just feel bad choosing one friend over the others. Dead, I would go with Chris Gilles. I always had a good time going anywhere with him. Fictional would have to be The Gorillaz. I’m not sure if that counts as fictional, but they aren’t real in the tangible sense, so it should be alright.

2. Most unforgettable experience?

One time, all of my friends and I were at another friends b-day party at a nice house in the mission hills area. The party was pretty much divided up between two groups of people, us, and the b-day girl’s boyfriend and his friends. Somehow, words were exchanged between one of us and one of them, and it was decided that a fist fight was the only way to solve it. To make a long story short, both groups in their entirety became involved in the fisticuffs. Although with us being outnumbered, we still won the fight, no one on our side got seriously hurt (I broke some ribs, and the homie had a cut above his eye), and we got to go to a killer beach party the next day, where BBQ and alcohol soothed all of  our aches and pains. That’s the most unforgettable experience that comes to mind that I won’t get arrested for recounting.

3. Music you can’t live without?

Currently, Smoky Robinson, Mars Volta, Slayer, Gaslamp Killer, and Fiona Apple. Those are the specific ones off the top of my head, but most music I wouldn’t be able to live without. That stuff’s just too good.

4. Book recommendation?

Notes from Underground by Fyodor Dostoevsky. My friend Emily put me up on it, and it’s good. Get the translation by Mirra Ginsburg, that one’s the best. Anything by H.P. Lovecraft is amazing too.

5. Who or what inspires you and how does that come out in your art?

Growing up on horror movies, comic books, and skateboarding is extremely influential. Tattoos always get me excited.  Album artwork when I was little was also pretty inspiring. The animals that exist throughout the ocean are amazing. Reptiles, crustaceans, religious iconography, secret societies, crests and badges are rad. Old punk flyers always amaze me. I’m not exactly sure how it comes out in my art though. Probably my line work and subject matter is most inspired by the aforementioned stuff.

6. Any words of wisdom?

If you don’t act your age, you usually won’t look it.

7. What are your favorite mediums and how do they speak to you?

Pencil and ink. Watercolors are pretty fun. I haven’t caught them talking to me yet.

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