Self-Portrait.jpg picture by emeraldsrain

1. Dream destination & traveling companion(s) (alive, dead or fictional)?

I would love to go to Thailand or India (By Myself) and get totally immersed in the local culture and arts.

2. Most unforgettable experience?

Today, everyday is precious and should be made to be the most unforgettable experience of your life.

3. Music you can’t live without?

Instrumental music; from classical and big band to hip hop beats,

4. Book recommendation?

Any religious works, the bible the kabala etc. anything that can help you understand another culture or way of thinking does a lot to help us understand ourselves

5. Who or what inspires you and how does that come out in your art?

My life is my biggest inspiration; it finds its way into my art via the vibrancy of life that each piece celebrates

6. Any words of wisdom?

Don’t take my advice

7. What are your favorite mediums and how do they speak to you?

Sharpie and spray paints, they are permanent and carry bold colors and brilliant contrasts, I feel my art should be done in the moment  so I love the speed and instant satisfaction of  clean crisp lines without a bush

IMG_0021.jpg picture by emeraldsrain