My music started with a song competition I entered in early 2012. That inspired me to go out and get a beatpad to give a home to the gigantic list of ramblings, poetry, thoughts, and ideas I had stored in the notes section of my phone. This continues to grow faster than I can keep up with, which is a good thing in my opinion. Another thing that inspired me was seeing amazing performances as well as terrible performances. To me live performances is one of the most important things in independent hip hop, if people can just steal your music online you better give them a reason to buy it. While I am nowhere near the level I want to be at both musically and performance-wise, I love doing what I do and continue to get better with every song I make and every performance I give to the other drivers of Escondido roads and San Diego freeways. I'm always looking for beats, a DJ/producer, and shows.

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