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Out of the depths of certain experiences, interactions and expression, elevated is the thought process of Joe "Emphasize" Alston. With influences from just about every form of music, from Led Zeppelin to Madlib, James Brown to Arthur Verocai, Ultimate Spinach to The Gorillaz, Black Moon to Jackie Chanarchy, Vetiver to Jimi Hendrix, Tame Impala to Aesop Rock, the list is endless and continues to grow everyday. With location shifts from Englewood, NJ, Gastonia, NC, San Diego, CA, throughout the last 23 years, a style was developed that takes in every element that the mind would allow, causing an unlimited amount of portals within ones vessel to explore and embrace the many gifts that artists portray not to gain a status so much as to just having pure fun releasing the music and inspirations one keeps dwelled within. It's in most ways a mission in EmphasizE's heart to shed some light on these artists for others out there bombarded with the constant repetition that plagues the airwaves these days. The sharing of the love through words, rhythm and dance is one way to keep the connection strong.