Child's Play:

a children-themed event


"Russell Fine Art & Custom Mosaic Glass and Jessica Johnson of the artist collective Aesthetigeist, team up and organize a group art show called, "Child's Play". Giving kids their first opportunity to show their art along with local established artists of today."

 Dan Allen:



Left: bd Dombrowsky

Right: Bret J. Barrett



Craig Hewitt:, $75 each





Lisa Russell:




Jessica Johnson & Lisa Russell in the middle



Paul Knebels:




Jessica Johnson, $600 (bad flash photo)






Students of Xpressive Arts Center taught by instructor Jessica Johnson:


(TOP: Kaleigh Fleischmann, age 13, BOTTOM: Alison Compton, age 16)



Emma Henning, age 9:



Alison Compton (age 16 at time)





Carolyn Bayram, age 6: