Growing up in Southern America I witnessed many cultural limitations, which inspired me to see what the world had to offer; and today I embrace those limitations and with the help of technology I create nostalgic designs with ease to maintain presence in today‚Äôs restless industry of design.

As a graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design, I hope to gain a greater understanding of the use of art in this century and combine my use of meticulous perfection with the brilliant esteem of the southern culture.

I met rapper/jeweler Paul Michael Slayton, Paul Wall, in Bagram, Afghanistan during his USO Tour of 2009. His success as a jeweler inspired me to explore the Southern jewelry market and create custom works of art that celebrate individuality and uniqueness.

Expensive and flashy jewelry may seem ostentatious; but its purpose, I would argue, is to create a playful take on status. The south celebrates contemporary urban culture through such designs. In collaboration with rare gemstones and precious metals, urban jewelry
has influenced the

Indeed, a few contemporary jewelers have embraced industrial manufacturing as a mode of mass production while others opt to create something unique and handmade. A contemporary jeweler with the tools of Computer Aided Design can create one of kind designs with the ease and vigor of industrial manufactures.

The technology of art and design can potentially create any object from the touch of a keypad with the innovation of a groundbreaking computer programs. Every artist knows that all tools are an extension of the creativity within.

My creative roots are long and deep. As a Mississippi artist, I was educated using the techniques of the African-American artist & Social Realist Charles W. White who trained the professor of my high school art teacher. My reasons for creating are centered on celebrating the things that exists in my day-today routines.

I have focused on highly rendered oil paintings, detailed water colored paintings and even charcoal drawings as a means to exhibit my thorough knowledge of the fine arts.


Ida Mae creates works that reflect her cultural environment and sometimes her inner emotional turmoil. She wishes for observers to be taken aback and reminded of their own life in the warmness of her many narrative paintings.

Born into a large family in Austin, TX, Ida Mae always buried herself into the arts as a way to live outside any situation. Committed to the arts for the last 20 years, Ida Mae decided that making art was the best way to express social context through my designs and projects. Apart from the technical manufacture of each piece Ida believes in the
beauty of art and its all-natural elements of oil, charcoal and innovative alternative

Historically, artists have learned through masters as a craft passed down generations. Ida Mae was fortunate to earn a Bachelors of Art in Metals and Jewelry, while studying in Savannah, Ga. This experience was essential because it prepared her for the vast career opportunities in the arts. Professional growth is inevitable, and Ida Mae was inspired to move to a bigger city in 2008 where her talents would grow and flourish. That year, service to her country was most important, and she joined the US Army for five years.

While serving in Afghanistan in 2010 Ida Mae had the opportunity show my love for art and design. Ida Mae designed three military challenge coins, which were manufactured in Korea and Germany. Whenever the opportunity presented itself, Ida Mae is driven to share her creative gifts with the community. While serving overseas she slightly opened the door to design work that described her own inner abstractions, and she slowly steered
away from her highly representational works.
Currently Ida Mae looks forward to perfecting her skills to manufacture each work