Paul Joseph Knebels II, born in north county San Diego, was named after his grandfather who was a master printer and talented artist with letters. This is probably where he inherited his artistic talents. As a young boy he was always coloring on walls, doodling, drawing, making birthday cards and artistic gifts. He loved cartoons and the smiles it would bring. One day in the 3rd grade a cartoonist came to his school and from then on he fell in love with the thought of creating images from his own mind. Fulfilling his destiny as an artist, Paul now spends most of his time painting everything and anything, making music, surfing and enjoying life. His passion is murals, painting underwater art, creating characters and creatures & , his spiritual life is directly connected with his art. This gives him a lot of room for ideas & eliminate the negative and brings in the positive emotions which is visible in his paintings. Paul believes that life is too short to not do what you love.

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