Seven is a Worcester, Massachusetts native Hip Hop/Rap MC. After spending many years in the Northeast United States Seven relocated to San Diego in search of more exposure and a warmer climate (literally and figuratively.)

Now after 5 years in the rejuvenating Diego sun and after a long hiatus from recording and involvement in musical production; Seven is back on the scene as an emerging must hear for Hip Hop fans.

His Solo EP 'Free Speech' is a must hear for any TRUE HIP HOP fans out there sick of the commercialized music scene. Seven's 'Free Speech' EP embodies the meaning of "diverse" with 7 tracks taking the listener on a journey "mmmm".

His style and ability to adapt to any beat quickly distinguishes Seven as a true Emcee and separates him from "rappers." Seven is a perfect blend of raspy street flow crossed with meaningful lyricism.

Unless you listen to his Silent Ghosts projects w/ Mute of DieNasty Records. The Silent Ghosts is a much different approach from Seven's solo material. A more crude, sinister and materialized version of Seven emerges to bring a NEW BREED OF COMEDY HIP HOP to the scene.