Thumbprint Gallery Presents:


A Mini-canvas event

March 12th, 2011

2637 Universiry Ave.

Janelly Hererra

The Picture of Dorian Gray 2011
Oil on Canvas

Lolita 2011
Oil on Canvas

American Gothic 2011
Oil on Canvas

Craig Hewitt

All pieces 10 1/2" x 10 1/2" on 1/2" birch panel &

acrylic, ink and encaustic

All $200 each

1- The Things You Said

2- Waiting

3- Smoke and Paint


5-Without You

6-Waiting 2

7-Lucas With A Yellow Shirt

8- Love Is A Struggle

9- Ghost In The Mirror

Blake Reagan

Interlope Alpha, Acrylic on canvas, $111.00

Interlope Bravo, Acrylic on canvas, $111.00

Interlope Charlie, Acrylic on Canvas, $111.00

Interlope Delta, Acrylic on Canvas, $111.00

Agent of Influence, Oil on Panel, $1500.00

The Cloud Breakers, Oil on Panel, $1500.00

Teddy Pancake

Heart & Soul, Acrylic on board, $525

Heavy Trip, Acrylic on board, $375

The Abominable, Acrylic on canvas, $225

Untitled, Acrylic on canvas, $325

Selena Marinello

Installation info:

String, nails and illustration with ink pen

Red Space, Watercolor and ink, $85

Green Space, Watercolor and Ink, $85

Blue Space, Watercolor and ink, $85

Jessica Johnson

Lucia, Acrylic on Canvas, $100

Home 1, Acrylic on Canvas, SOLD

Home 2, Acrylic on Canvas, SOLD

Home 3, Acrylic on Canvas, SOLD

Santa Fe,

Acrylic on Panel, $100

Bret Barrett

Lucas Thornton

title: Tree of death tree of life

medium: Acrylic, oil, silver leaf on birch



title: Rendezvous

medium:Acrylic on birch



title: Inner child meets the Enigma

medium: Acrylic on birch

size 4x6inches


Thomas Bosworth

Learning New Things, $230
Medium: Acrylic, walnut ink, gouache, gel pen, markers, colored
pencil, graphite.
Size: 11"X15"

Cute Toes...,
Medium: Acrylic, markers, gouache, colored pencil, graphite, gel pens.
Size: 10" and 2/16ths by 11" and 3/4ths

Untitled, $240 or all 4 for $620, Medium: Acrylic, Faber-Castell colored pencils, graphite, archival ink.
size: 8" and 2/16ths by 11" and 3/4ths

Brian Dombrowsky

One Thousand, 9X12 oil on panel, $250.00

One Thousand and One Umbrellas, 4x4 oil on panel, $50.00

One Thousand and Two Umbrellas, 4x4 oil on panel, $50.00

One Thousand and Three Umbrellas, 4x4 oil on panel, $50.00

One Thousand and Four Umbrellas, 4x4 oil on panel, $50.00

Dan Allen

For Sean, $700, 16x16x5 Mixed Media on Panel

Small Eye, $150, 8x9 Acrylic on Canvas

Untitled (Satellite Mirrors), $500, 6x5x3

Satellite Photograph, Antique dental mirrors & encaustic on panel

Untitled (cones), $400, 18x7x4, Encaustic on wood

Untitled (linear cones), $200, 16.5x5x5

Craig Hewitt and his family

Selena Marinello in front of her installation & paintings

Janelly Hererra in front of her three paintings